Clavinova Digital Pianos

Celebrating 40 years of innovation, the Yamaha Clavinova is the digital piano that changed everything. Randee’s Music is proud to represent this line of instruments that faithfully reproduce the timbre of the finest acoustic pianos as well as an impressive library of orchestral sounds. The Clavinova requires no tuning or routine maintenance and weighs less than an acoustic piano because it lacks strings, cast iron plate, and back posts. Plug in a set of headphones for private practice! You’ll be impressed at the realism of the piano action, user-friendly operating system, and handsome cabinet design to complement most any décor. Please click below for further information.

Clavinova CLP

The “bread and butter” of the Clavinova line, the CLP-series includes products that meet or exceed most any expectation or application. From the entry-level to the top-of-the line, all models feature Yamaha’s flagship 9’ CFX concert grand piano sample as well as the Bosendorfer Imperial grand. The library of electric piano sounds, harpsichord, strings, organ, and other effects will be certain to inspire your creative muse. The CLP-series also feature a fully-weighted action that responds to your every touch. Top-of-the line models also boast GrandTouch keyboards with counter-weights and escapement to replicate the action of a concert grand. The high-end Clavinovas also include a touch screen interface, boosted amplification systems, and designer cabinets including mini grands! 


Clavinova CLP Models

Clavinova CVP

We’d like to think that the “V” in “CVP” stands for versatile, because there’s no other instrument on the planet that will do what this one does! The CVP-series carries the same Yamaha DNA as the CLPs with many additional features including a much wider array of instruments from which to choose and background styles to inspire your creativity. A larger screen (touch screen on the upper-end models) allows the player to access features including splitting and layering sounds, multi-track recording and editing. Randee’s has installed hundreds of CVP models in schools, houses of worship, and other institutions. They’re also a favorite with piano teachers and families with players of varying skill levels. Visit Randee’s soon to audition for yourself the amazing capabilities of this versatile Clavinova!  


Clavinova CVP Models