Acoustic Upright Pianos

Yamaha U1

With over 4 million uprights sold since 1967, Yamaha earns its rightful place as the industry standard-bearer. The U1 is a big reason why. At 48” high, the string length and sound board radiating area rivals many smaller grands. Manufactured in Japan, the U1 has a bullet-proof reputation for quality, reliability, and consistency that has earned respect of music teachers and pianists all over the world. The U1 is commonly found in teaching studios, schools, music conservatories, and other institutions. 

Yamaha B3

The B3 was designed as a viable alternative to the U1. Manufactured in Yamaha’s Indonesian factory, the B3 incorporates many of the elements that have made the U1 so popular, yet at a lower price point. Whether a beginner or accomplished musician, you’ll appreciate the responsive action and the classic tone that has made Yamaha so well-regarded. 


Yamaha P22

The P22 stands at the head of the class! At 45” high, it’s considered a studio piano and built to withstand the rigors of institutional use. Manufactured in Yamaha’s Indonesian facility, the P22 boasts a solid spruce soundboard that carries the tone well in the classroom or teaching studio. Yamaha’s reputation for quality is evident throughout—sturdy back posts, double-wheel casters, and rugged design ensures that your investment is secure for years to come.