Acoustic Grand Pianos

Yamaha C3X

The legendary C-series Yamaha grands have been the choice of pianists on stage and in the recording studio for decades. In fact, it’s the most recorded piano in history! With recent refinements incorporated from Yamaha’s flagship 9’ CFX grand, the 6’ 1” C3X boasts redesigned back posts, soundboard, ribs, strings, and hammers that provide the player unsurpassed control over the nuances of touch and tone. The result is a piano both beautifully and carefully crafted that is a pleasure to play and responds to your every touch.

Yamaha GC2

The GC-series Yamaha grands incorporate many of the same design elements as the C-series in a smaller footprint and more modest investment. The GC2 hits the “sweet spot” for us. At 5’ 8”, it’s large enough to produce a resonant bass and a clear mid-range without needing to force the sound. This instrument is ideal for developing pianists who prefer the action of a grand and its more complex tonal palette. It’s also a favorite in teaching studios, houses of worship, and other institutions. 

Yamaha GB1K

If your heart’s desire has always been to own a Yamaha baby grand, then this is an excellent opportunity! Manufactured in Yamaha’s Indonesian facility, the 5 ‘ GB1K is the smallest of the Yamaha grands, yet produces the expressive tone, subtle colors, and dynamic expression of their larger pianos. Yamaha “DNA” is found throughout their line of pianos, so you can place utmost confidence in the world’s largest manufacturer of musical instruments.