repairbannerGuitar Repair Pricing

Over the years, we’ve performed just about every kind of repair you could possibly imagine – and probably a few you can’t! Our goal is to send you home with an instrument that you like better and understand better.

Our honest opinions and advice are free. When you arrive, we’ll look your instrument over with you and explain what your guitar needs, how much it will cost, and how long we think it will take. Then you tell us what to do.

All jobs are priced individually but will usually fall into the following ranges. Prices do not include strings or parts unless specified.

Basic Setup: $55

for most instruments. Add $10 for twelve string, mandolin, or banjo. Add $20 for Floyd Rose Vibrato equipped guitars. Add $20 for Rickenbacker twelve string.

  • Includes fretboard clean and polish, polishing of frets, cleaning of instrument, restring, adjustment of truss rod, string height (action,) and intonation.
  • Sufficient for newer guitars or instruments that have been set up within 6 months.

Everything Setup: $100

for most instruments. Add $10 for twelve string, mandolin, floating trem, or banjo. Add $20 for Rickenbacker twelve string.

  • Sometimes refered to as a fret “dress” and setup, The Everything Setup includes precision level, re-crown and polish of your instrument’s frets along with complete set-up of truss rod, string height (action) and intonation. This work will minimize fret buzz, eliminate fret pitting and divits, and improve your overall tone. The whole instrument will be cleaned and polished and all hardware and electronics inspected, cleaned, and lubed.
  • Recommended for guitars that receive normal to heavy use or have not been serviced in more than a year.

Refret: $285 – 310

  • Includes precision level of fretboard, replacement of all frets and Everything setup. Frequently requires nut replacement to accommodate newer/taller frets. Nut $55 with refret.
  • Does not include fret-wire (material:) $10 for standard nickel sizes, $20 for stainless steel

Restring – bass, 6 string guitar, or banjo: $15

Restring – 12 string, mandolin, or locking tremolo: $20

Hand-made / custom fit bone nut: $65

  • Includes free restringing and nut blank – Unbleached “vintage” look available (+$5.)
  • Twelve string nut: $105
  • Mandolin nut: $95

Custom acoustic bone saddle: $65

  • Compensated for proper intonation (no additional charge)
  • Includes free restringing and saddle blank – Unbleached “vintage” look available (+$5.)

Electronic troubleshooting: $20 and up

Pickup installation:

Electric guitar and bass:

  • Passive pickups: $40 – 50 first pickup, $10/additional
  • Active system with replacement pots (EMG for example) : $65 first pickup, $10/additional

Acoustic Guitar : $60 – 75 varies with different systems

Structural Repairs: Prices for these repairs have a broad range because they vary from the relatively simple to very complex. We’ll give you a more accurate price once we get a close look at your instrument. Prices include restring – add $35 for basic set-up

Broken headstock:

  • Reglue with no touchup (headstock attached): $80 – 120
  • Reglue with no touchup (headstock off): Starting at $150
  • Reglue with touchup: $225 and up usually invisible
  • Rebuild shattered or missing headstock: Bring in or email photos for estimate

Acoustic top, side or back crack with touch up: $125 – 200

Neck reset: $350 – 450 frequently requires refret as well

Taylor NT Neck Reset $100

Neck reset with Glued on Fingerboard Extension (Old Taylor, Seagull) $200

Bridge reglue: $115 – 150 for most instruments; includes restring and Basic Setup

Finish Touch Up: $75 – 200

  • Color matching with Nitrocellulose Lacquer and poly finishes available