John Larsen’s Corner – Two Very Special Used Pianos

Yamaha Console Piano

This Yamaha Console Piano manufactured in Thomaston, Georgia in the US. This piano is made with the finest woods and has a solid spruce soundboard. It not only looks great, but it feels great as well. The cabinet is Provincial Cherry with a lot of detail in the wood working. It is a fine piano as well as a great furniture piece.

Baldwin Console Piano

This Baldwin console piano was manufactured in the US. This piano is made from a beautiful piece of Oak. At the time of the manufacturing of this piano, it was one of the most popular pianos in the entire United States. This piano includes a Five Year Warranty, aa Matching Bench and TWO free tunings after delivery.


Contact me, John Larsen at 815.262.6467 for further information about these two professional quality pianos.

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