Meet the Team

Randall Lee

Randy is a four decade veteran of the wacky world of Music Instrument retail. He specializes in pianos, keyboards, synthesizers, and professional sound systems. He is excited to speak about the benefits of music therapy.




Joel Ross

Hopelessly midwestern, Joel’s Rockford roots run deep. He is Randee’s piano guru, with over 30 years in the business. He’s also a professional pianist, vocalist, and choral conductor, so he practices what he preaches. He’s not afraid to ask the right questions to assure that you’ve made a wise investment and selected the piano that’s the best fit for you.




Debra Lee
Debby has been playing piano over 45 years. Her passion for music radiates through her teaching. Students learn teaching methods along with styles of music they love. The piano is the educational tool that can help accelerate a student’s development. The power of piano lessons are a fundamental way to give a student a broad appreciation of music. She has played professionally and studied with 3 teachers.



Lincoln Lee

Playing music since the age of 4, Lincoln is our fretted instrument factotum, guitar technician, and 10 year steward of the Guitar Department. He has never met an old instrument he couldn’t love. Whether it’s appraising your vintage guitar, restoring your treasured 6 string, or giving a good opinion, Lincoln has the experience and passion to assist you.




Lanna Warren
Multi-instrumentalist, animal lover and good news student, she always finds time to help people solve problems. Although she doesn’t get to play as often as she would like, she plays clarinet, piano, and guitar. As a woman of many trades she may be found cleaning things the boys forget about or managing the athenaeum of books.




John Larsen

With ebony and ivory in his blood, John has been finding the right piano for discerning musicians for over 35 years. Virtually raised around pianos at the Jackson piano store since childhood, John’s experience will work to your advantage.




Jacques Saint-Cyr

Native of beautiful Québec, Jacques not only makes our store bi-lingual, but his expertise in the fields of music and dance education provide professional, real-world knowledge to our customers.





Isaac Grover

Isaac may be the only person born during the Clinton administration that knows the difference between hardtack and sourdough bread. Isaac’s love for the folk tradition dovetails into his passion for the clawhammer banjo, mountain dulcimer, and other Old Time music. An expert in his field he can show you the ways of yesterday.




Carl Conrad


Garrett Roberts


Caleb Erickson